Tax Tip Tuesday – Estimated Taxes

Tax Tip Tuesday

Today’s tax tip is all about estimated taxes.  How to figure out how much to pay, when you need to pay and a recommendation that you should be putting a little bit aside into a separate account on a regular basis. It's Tax Tip Tuesday! Today is all about estimated tax payments for all of […]

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History is made by people

Life Choices

Large group of people marching

“History is made by people: Its movement depends on small currents as well as great tides.” – Margaret Thatcher I came across this quote today and I started thinking about how this applies to everyone.  We all go about our day doing what needs to be done on that day’s to-do list.   But sprinkled in […]

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Protect yourself from the Chupacabra

Tax time

Baby goat jumping in a field

Protect yourself from the Chupacabra. I am currently living on a small island that is loaded with goats.  Everywhere you go there are wild goats, goat farms or statues of goats.  The grocery stores are full of goat products.  And it kind of smells like goat when the wind dies. Naturally, this got me thinking about […]

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The Michael Westin Business Model

Life Choices

Woman walking in a field

An emerging entrepreneur recently asked for advice.  He was just starting to see some success in his business, but he was still just struggling to make ends meet.  And he had just been given an amazing offer. If he would put his current business on the back burner, they were willing to offer him a […]

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