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You need to re-imagine, automate and scale your business.  I know what it takes to analyze your financials in order to maximize the profit on every dollar you earn, scale your business to the next level, manage or develop your accounting team and be your outsourced chief financial officer.


Your business is growing because of your energy and knowledge but dealing with the numbers just isn't your thing.  Allow me to step into that role for you so you always have the exact financial information you need to make your next business decision.  Not sure how to track your income & expenses or what the profit really was on your last big launch?  I can help with all that!

Coaching & Training

Are you interested in learning how to take charge of your own finances?  Need to know the best way to do it without wasting time or money.  Not sure what you need but know you need something or just have a specific question.  I can train or coach you or your staff.  I have trained literally hundreds of clients and new accountants and can help you get up to speed on taking control of your own financial life.

Tax Planning & preparation

Navigating today's complex tax laws requires deep knowledge and savvy planning. Devising and executing a solid strategy can save you time, money and resources.  Expats and digital nomads especially can have complex tax planning opportunities and issues

Does this sound like you?  If it does, I can help!

Online Entrepreneurs

Online Entrepreneurs have unique needs.  You probably have multiple revenue streams you need to track and expenses that may need to be allocated to them.  It is important to keep up with where your money is coming from, what revenue streams need to be optimized and what your profit margin really is on your launches.  You need systems to easily record and analyze that info.  You either aren’t sure where to start, are looking to automate those processes or outsource them altogether.   

Digital Nomads & Expats

You have made the leap to take your show on the road, fantastic!  Whether you have made a home base in another country or are traveling the world you have a whole new set of tax rules you need to follow and there are some amazing ways to save US taxes.  As an American working abroad planning fo taxes is more important than ever.  It moves from a once a year action to something that requires much more thought and planning.  This is most definitely not an area you can DIY and you will need professional help, either from an accountant or an attorney.  

Coaches, Freelancers & Bloggers

You are passionate in your field and want to share it with the world.  You have local clients, online clients, groups and courses.  You are writing your heart out and busy hustling for your next gig.  Do you really know which aspect of your business is bringing in the highest profit margins?  Hint: it might not be the one with the highest sales.  If you don’t know the profit margins on each of your services then how do you know which one to target in order to maximize your earnings?   

All of the Above & Everyone Else

Some of you wear many different hats.  Maybe you get some wages from an employer, have a blog and bring in some affiliate income, you own a rental property in Mexico, maybe a few investments and write some articles on the side.  On top of that, you have a spouse adding complexity to the mix.  You have unique needs that old school accountants don’t know how to handle.  Maybe you feel like paying for straight tax compliance is an expense you just don’t need.   All my services will provide a return on investment and never be just a bottom line expense.

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The Accounting Made Accessible Difference

I have been a Certified Public Accountant since 2006.  Prior to that I was the manager of a million dollar business for 4 years and owned a cleaning business for 13 years.  I know what it takes to manage your business from the accounting side but also understand all the needs a small business owner has.  Not only that, I am walking in the same shoes many of you are as a digital nomad.  I know all the in's and out's of the foreign tax issues because I am doing it for myself.  I know first hand what it like tracking income from multiple revenue streams and allocating expenses so you know exactly what your profits are because I do that myself as well.  

This is not a traditional accounting firm.  I don't provide straight tax compliance.  Anyone can fill in the boxes on a tax form or use DIY tax software.  What I do is make sure you are set up to really minimize your taxes when the time comes with proper planning and recording.  A really strong tax plan can save you thousands of dollars, in fact I estimate I am going to save almost $25k in 2018 taxes by making one simple, yet drastic, change.  Imagine what you could do with an extra $25,000 or more!

I have trained literally hundreds of people in accounting processes.  From pro-athletes, writers and directors to wineries, manufacturers and all types of property owners, developers and managers.  I can easily get you started whether you have simple deposits and checks, multiple revenue streams or jobs all the way up to complex manufacturers and real estate developers.  I know what it takes to get you started off on the right foot or to help organize the systems you have.  I can train not only you but create custom staff training for you entire accounting department.  Whatever you need help with we can figure it out together!

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