What People are Saying

I am giving a big shout out to Charleen Fariselli for coming to my bookkeeping rescue this morning. She was so generous with her time and solved an issue I was having with Quickbooks. I highly suggest you join her FB group - The Money Club with Accounting Made Accessible. Fellow entrepreneurs don't turn a blind eye to your accounting, I always feel empowered when I take charge of knowing my numbers!

Tiffany Scott

Amazing!! Prompt in answering questions and available when needed. Explained the process throughly to reduce confusion. Yes- knowledgeable. She can take care of personal taxes as well as business taxes. She has handled our tax needs for years including multi state without fail. The ease of working with Charleen has been unmatched in my 30 years of preparing and submitting taxes.

Brian K.

The course is well designed and presented in clear and understandable terms! Charleen’s course is packed with information and she is helpful in guiding you towards options that fit your situation best! One, Charleen is awesome! Very patient and really does make accounting accessible. I am not a numbers person, and I got a ton of knowledge about accounting for our business from this course! The amount of accounting know how in Charleen’s head is amazing! She is very patient and clear with her guidance and instruction. It is great to work with someone who really gets the ins and outs and is relatable and accepting of what you bring with you as far as financial knowledge. She has been a godsend for our business in helping us sort out what benefits us the most in how we approach our finances!

Anna Sihon

I worked with Charleen at a CPA firm and I was impressed with both her accounting knowledge and her ability to explain accounting issues to non-accountants. She is hard working and dedicated to her clients. I would highly recommend Charleen. She is a very knowledgeable and thorough accountant and she’ll go beyond your typical accountant to make sure you understand your business and personal finances. In addition to Charleen’s accounting skills, she is very personable and thinks outside the box!

Pam Bower

Charleen is great to work with. She is quick, efficient and accurate and follows up when she needs additional information. I would definitely recommend working with Charleen. She has a vast amount of accounting, tax and QuickBooks knowledge. She is able to solve problems and always meets deadlines. I have worked with Charleen for many years - as coworkers and as an outside consultant - and it has always been a pleasure.

Sheri Domke

Accounting Made Accessible made the entire process of accounting simple, doable, and strangely enough something I could actually find myself enjoying. I appreciate how everything was broken down into simple steps that made the process smooth and streamlined. Before taking the course, accounting was a matter of gathering statements from a number of different sources and manually sifting between income and expenses which was extremely time-consuming, not to mention a huge headache. Learning how to use QuickBooks has been one of the most liberating experiences for myself in saving what will ultimately be literally hundreds of hours I would have wasted without knowing these skills. Yes. Every entrepreneur can benefit from learning how to track and manage their finances. Even when working with an accountant, you'll gain the insights into how to do your own books, see the health of your business, and develop the mindset for increasing your finances. The very act of managing money can make you more money conscious and therefore see ways to grow your income. I'm grateful to have found Charleen's work as it provides both the empowerment to learn how to do my own financial management with the support of having a CPA to answer questions and provide guidance for my unique situation.

Derek Doepker

Charleen was incredibly helpful with my taxes. Not only did she respond quickly, she gave me thorough advice about how to calculate deductions and lower my overall tax bill. Plus, her rates are incredibly reasonable. Yes! She didn't make me feel like an idiot when it came to trying to understand the nuances of freelance taxes and she was easily accessible. Will be back next year!

Sonia Weiser

I enjoyed working with Charleen. She is a very knowledgeable CPA, hard working, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I worked with her on tax planning and tax return preparation for many clients and was very pleased with her work product. Yes. For the reasons mentioned above. Charleen is excellent with QuickBooks.

Larry Winningham

The two and a half years working with Charleen has been inspiring. She is a brilliant CPA and a fantastic mentor. She has always been patient with all my questions (even the out of curiosity ones), allowing me the opportunities to grow as a professional, showing me how to write the most professional client emails, having me sitting in on client meeting and so much more. She taught me great workpaper techniques that I utilize everyday and provided me with career development guidance that help me become a better CPA. I truly respect her as a professional, a mentor and a great friend. I would highly recommend working with Charleen. She is so knowledgeable, nice, talented, friendly, positive, enthusiastic and all the other good words you can think of to describe an outstanding CPA. She cares about her client, knows Tax and Accounting like the back of her hand, she is always so patient with all my questions and so willing to help. Charleen is a delightful person to work with and has a great sense of humor. Being a tax CPA myself, I would always respect her professional opinion and trust her with me and my husband’s tax return full heartedly if we were to need help.

Yujing Wang

Charleen was a great mentor to me while working at Winningham Becker & Co. She always had an answer and went above and beyond to explain the issue. Charleen is always on top of her game. She sees the big picture and advocates for you as if your business is her own. Charleen is very approachable, dependable and results-oriented.

Julia Shumskaya