Who I am

Hi!  I am Charleen Fariselli at Accounting Made Accessible and my passion is helping business owners with all aspects of their financial life.

As a successful business owner, you are excited and knowledgeable about your business, ideas and revenue streams.  You may not have the time, mindset or tools to dive into the nitty-gritty financial aspects of your business.  With laser-focused attention to your numbers you can increase profit margins, hit your next sales milestone or turn your side gig into a full-time business!   Trust me to provide the accounting support you need so you can focus on what makes you great!

Accounting Made Accessible is a full-service accounting firm that will assist with all the financial aspects your business.  Allow me to be your outsourced CFO, back office partner, coach or financial mentor.  I will help you understand and be in control of your own finances.   The clients that are near and dear to my heart are all the creative people out there.  If you are a blogger, writer, musician, online influencer, lifestyle entrepreneur or a digital nomad I can be your go-to for all things accounting and tax.  Let me help make your financial life easy and accessible!

Why I am qualified

I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Backing that up is both a Masters degree in Accounting and an MBA with a concentration in Finance.  Since 2006 I have assisted businesses and individuals uncover their accounting potential.   I have trained countless people in setting up and using their accounting systems.  It is amazing to watch business owners gain confidence and efficiency in their finances.    Over the years I have reviewed and cleaned up thousands of financial records.  This experience allows me to easily spot great records as well as ferret out inefficiencies and target areas for improvement.  You can count on my experience and dedication to assist you in reaching your goals.  Not only am I qualified in business I am a digital nomad and blogger and understand those specialized needs.

Services I Offer

I thrive on building solid, long-term relationships with my clients and watching your business grow and develop into your dream lifestyle.  Each client has their own unique needs.  We will work together to determine what those are and how I can take some of the burdens off your shoulders.   As a result of clearly defining your needs, I will work with you to make sure what I bring to the table brings you a return on investment, not just another expense.

The spectrum of services is as limitless as your ideas.   I offer all the essentials; bookkeeping, taxes, virtual CFO or controller service, new business set up, entity selection, tax planning, education, training and much more.  Whatever your needs are we can develop a solution together.  No more dropping documents off with your accountant and hoping the bill won’t break you.  Pricing will be easily understandable.   We will agree on a price before any work is started.  Most services will be a flat or monthly fee, not by the hour.